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Full Body Massage 60min



Full Body Massage by Reconnect Day spa. We are providing this service in very handsome rates and comfortable Environment. We have large number of team members that are always ready to serve you with our best services.

Full body Massage have 60 minutes. In this 60 minutes of duration you’ll be served with our team that will cure your body as you are in air.

Full body massage for women

We value your contribution to your household and our community at large. Hence, our women massage is a reward for your selfless efforts. You are a queen of multitasking and complete your tasks, both professional and personal, to perfection. However, in this process you fail to realize your body needs some relaxation too and resting it out is not the right answer. Our ladies massage therapist ensures to calm your nerves, put your thoughts to rest and help you attain a state of Nirvana. Trust us, you deserve this self-pampering at the end of a long exhausting day.

Massage just like you are at home

Our Massage team will take care of yourself just like you are a member of our family. You will be fell that you are at the best company in all over the world. Our top experts will take care of your own body parts just like you are a queen. Our every customer is a queen for us and we have to protect and cure her/him with best massage service.

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This project is self hosted by GBM , we are owners of Reconnect Day SPA

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