List of 5 Best spa party packages in Polokwane, Pretoria, Johannesburg 2021

Reconnect day spa is the best spa service provider in South Africa. We provide the best spa party packages all over in our 3 branches. Our branches are in Polokwane, Pretoria, and Johannesburg. We have a number of list of party packages but 5 are best of them.

Below are our best spa party packages for adults with vouchers.

Mom and daughter spa party package

This package is best for mom and daughter. Mom and daughter and son will enjoy this package. This package is specially added for moms. Not only mom, daughter, or son will enjoy these packages.

This special package includes:

  • 50min Relaxing Full Body Massage for 2 people
  • Photoshoot 20 pics

Full body massage is equally for 2 people, son or daughter will enjoy 50 minutes and mom also will enjoy 50 minutes of massage.

The photoshoot is an essential part of any party that’s why this special addon is added to this package without any extra cost.

Mom and daughter spa party photoshoot samples

Spa party for kids (under 3 years) | Price:R495

Your child is everything for you. Every parent wants to see grow his child fast and enjoy their child life. For making your child’s day the best day we are presenting these packages.

Package includes

  • Full Body Massage (60 Minutes)
  • Photoshoot with 20 edited pics

Massage: 60 minutes of body massage are the best for your child. At this age your child snake around your home that’s why he/she feels unwell, so making your child more active this package is best every time of life.

Photoshoot: 20 pics make your child’s party more memorable and translate into a great party.

More kids spa party packages are below that may meet your requirements

kids spa party photoshoot samples

Spa Party for a single person | Price:R1500

We know a single person’s life is also beautiful. If you are single and wanna enjoy your party alone then you are at the right package. Enjoy yourself with a party at reconnect day spa.


  • 50 minutes of full body massage
  • Photoshoot 20 edited pics

Spa party for 1 photoshoot

Couple spa party package | Price:R2500

Thi package includes 2 members. It means this package is best for couples. The couple will enjoy with a photoshoot and full body massage with the awesome gallery.


  • Full Body Massage.
  • Photoshoot 20 pics in spa gowns

Spa party for couple photoshoot

Spa party package for Family | Price:R3500

For the whole family, we have a decent package. Not only one person, but almost all family members can also enjoy our spa party package at a very reasonable price. This package is especially made for a family with 4 members.

This family package inludes

  • 50 Minutes full body massage x4
  • 20 Edit pic for awesome gallery

Spa party forfamily photoshoot

Contact Details

  • Polokwane Branch

    94 McDonald's str Fauna park behind Savanna mall
    wecare@reconnectdayspa.co.za 0152964018 0760768686

  • Pretoria Branch

    28 on 23rd Road Menlo Park wecare@reconnectdayspa.co.za 0649207620

  • Johannesburg Branch

    Villa Simone Boutique Hotel 16 West Str Houghton Estate Johannesburg

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