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Manicure Nail Polish



Reconnect day spa has 3 branches all over South Africa. A manicure treatment is available in Pretoria,  and Johannesburg branches.

Segments of Manicure

  • Nail cutting

  • Nail filing and shaping

  • Cutting and tidying cuticles

  • Buff to Shine

  • Nail Painting

The exact meaning of manicure!

A manicure is a treatment of hands. The name of hand massage, hand care, nail treatment, nail cut, and nail purify is actually meaning of manicure. Beautify the nail and hand in the salon is named a manicure.

Hand Massage: Hand massage is a part of manicure and making perfect feeling while hand massage. Hands are the main parts of our body. So hand’s treatment is very important for your body and daily routine.

What Manicure Nail Polish includes?

This package includes 30 minutes of manicure treatment. I these 30 minutes your nails, hands and full treatment of this package apply.  Anyone can book and get treatment.

There are lots of treatments, salons in Big cities, but we provide the best treatment ever. We treat our customers just like our own family members. We have a customer-friendly staff and polite team that works perfectly. That’s why people prefer us and come back our branches again and again.

All our branches have grassy plots, pools, and a comfortable environment!

We have lots of grassy plots, gadgets to improve your photoshoot, and a comfortable environment that makes it perfect for any treatment. In all branches, you can go around and take advantage of all things and tastes.

Manicure Nail Polish in Pretoria, and Johannesburg is very easy.

You can easily book via add to can add to cart of contact via given below details.

Contact Details

  • Polokwane Branch

    94 McDonald's str Fauna park behind Savanna mall
    wecare@reconnectdayspa.co.za 0152964018 0760768686

  • Pretoria Branch

    28 on 23rd Road Menlo Park wecare@reconnectdayspa.co.za 0649207620

  • Johannesburg Branch

    Villa Simone Boutique Hotel 16 West Str Houghton Estate Johannesburg

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