Easter Special



It is ALL About FREEDOM!

Freedom to Choose Self-Love over life’s problems.

Choosing Self-Care and Self-Investment…

Choose from our most FAVOURITE treatments and VIP Add ons:
>> 30min – Body Exfoliation
>> 30min – Back Massage
>> 30min – Express Pedicure
>> 30min – Appetizer Facial
>> 30min – Photoshoot 20 pics in spa gowns

Choose 2 Spa Favourites R599 per person

PS: Atleast one of your choices must be a spa treatment.

We promise one thing, and that is an unforgettable time with us at Reconnect.

Lots of giggles… lots of fun…lots of love…

That’s what we do 🙂

So book NOW before it runs out!!

This is valid for the first 30 ppl.

We look forward to celebrating life with you.

T’s & C’s
– Bookings confirmed upon payment
– Special valid until 31st March
– For the first 30 clients
– You can use until 30th April 2021
– No refund
– Rescheduling option available

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Reconnect Day Spa

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This package is not only for spa, this package is for making your Easter Spa Special Party more special event of your life. It will make more memorable moments of your life and make more perfect event. Below is the list of benefits of this package and detail.  

Easter SPA Special Package includes

  1. Body Exfoliation
  2. Back Massage
  3. Express Pedicure
  4. Appetizer Facial
  5. Photoshoot 15 pics in spa gown
Easter spa special

Body Exfoliation

Exfoliation is beneficial for removing dull cells of our body. This is an option in Easter Spa Special By this method we can remove dull cells over our dry or oily skin. There are different methods of exfoliation which includes medical and spa methods. We apply SPA methods to remove dull cells and make your skin more glow and attractive. We have body exfoliation experts for specially hired for this spa treatment.

Back Massage

As back massage commonly used for back pain reducing and other treatments of back bone. However, this is also beneficial for releasing stress and anxiety issues. Back massage is a treatment of full body health and repair your cells of your body.

We also have other massages list if you gonna try

Appetizer Facial

Facial is always best for glow your skins and reduce skin problems. In modern life of our world, our skin goes ugly cause of our weather and cloudy environment. In this situation, facial is very important for your skin at least once of a week. This package includes 30 minutes of appetizer facial treatment. So, be the best treatment is available for this April.

Photoshoot 15 pics in spa gown

Well, Party makes perfect if you have awesome gallery of images. In this package, you will have a 15 list of pics with awesome gowns wear. All pics will be edited and captured with FULL HD camera. To make your Easter Spa Special Party More awesome.


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